****** My latest Book , Forging Colonial Ironwork III is now out !!!

It is in the same format as Book I and Book II, with some very challeging and unique projects . Cost is the same $20 , email or call

My new book "Forging Colonial Ironwork" is finally here. It is a compilation of over 22 years of teaching notes at the folk school and various conferences thru out the US. It has about 120 pages both sides, divided into 4 chapters Colonial Lighting, 18th Century Hearth Equipment, Early American Hardware and Hooks and Hangers. There is a mix of projects from simple to advanced. If it is well received I'll have the next two volumes of notes printed. The cost is $20.00 plus 6.75% tax and $10.00 for shipping and handling. Send a check to me or visa/master by phone. See the contact link for info.

************ "Forging Colonial Ironwrok II" Same price $20.00 Format is the same as the other one but has 65 completely new projects .See photo below